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QODBC - ODBC Driver for Reckon Accounts & QuickBooks

QODBC is an ODBC (Open DataBase) Connector for Reckon Accounts Business Range 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 without multi-currency support that allows you to work with Reckon Accounts data directly using software tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports and many other ODBC compliant applications.

Many applications have ODBC support built-in and can automatically use QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts data with wizard ease once this driver has been installed.
It is also compatible with QuickBooks Australian, New Zealand and Singapore editions of QuickBooks 2012/13, 2011/12, 2010/11 and 2009/10 without multi-currency support, 2008/09, 2007/08, 2006/07, 2005/06, 2004 and 2003 Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise.
QODBC v16 doesn't work with QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts EasyStart, Accounting (formally known as Lite), Plus or Small Business Editions. In 2015 Reckon Accounts Pro was renamed to Reckon Accounts Premier (2 user).
QRemote Server and Client
Since the release of QODBC version 12, QODBC added support for communication with 64 bit applications such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and SQL Server. This feature called QRemote Server and Client allowed 64bit applications to talk to QODBC and QuickBooks data in the 32 bit world via advanced communications methods. QODBC version 16 now adds much faster performance to the QRemote feature!
The initial release of QRemote only supported 64 bit operating systems and in this new release a 32 bit version of QRemote Client and Server is also installed allowing remote communication between 32 bit operating systems. 
In addition to 64 bit application support, QRemote also handles remote access to QuickBooks data residing on another machine anywhere as long as it can communicate to the internet.
Now, QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts data can be accessed from any location on any flavour of Windows OS at no extra charge, a normal license of QODBC is all that is required on each machine.

QODBC Server/Terminal Edition
Our Server/Terminal Edition of QODBC will allow you to set up a Web Server and use any web tool you wish to use (PHP, ASP, ADO, Cold Fusion) to access data live from QuickBooks via ODBC without conversion in real time. If your customers need to know what's in stock right now or you need to know "Today's" sales while out of the office, then this is the product for you!

Those using Multi-User products such as Terminal Services, RDS or Citrix to allow multiple users to use a single copy of QODBC on a server should be using the Server/Terminal Edition of QODBC.

The Server/Terminal Edition also works with data server applications running on Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows NT Server, such as Microsoft SQL Server. The Desktop Edition is not designed to handle multiple threads and communications from a protected background server process, but the Server/Terminal Edition can operate in this mode.
All buyers please note:
The Reckon Accounts Business Range 2014, 2015 and 2016 Premier and Enterprise Editions include a FREE Desktop Read Only version of QODBC (without the QRemote feature). Only order the QODBC Desktop Edition - READ ONLY CDKey Code from FlexTools if you require the QRemote feature (see details immediately above). In 2015 Reckon Accounts Pro was renamed to Reckon Accounts Premier (2 user).

What is ODBC?

ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) is a specification designed by Microsoft to allow Windows applications to access multiple database systems through a single method with no regard for various file formats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is used as the method for accessing data through ODBC. Vendors of ODBC drivers (like this one) follow the specifications for ODBC so that any ODBC compliant application can access the data available through the driver. ODBC compliant applications include: Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, PowerBuilder, Borland Delphi, Crystal Pro Report Writer, Visual Basic and hundreds of others. Users of these applications do not need to learn SQL language to access these database files, they are simply presented on the desktop for the user to manipulate with wizards and icons.

What is QODBC?

QODBC is an ODBC driver (DLL) for QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts  Accounting format files. QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts Accounting stores it's data in it's own proprietary DBMS file format. This driver allows users of any ODBC compliant front end application to read and write data contained in QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts Accounting format files similarly to any other ODBC enabled database.

QODBC works by accepting SQL commands from applications through the ODBC interface, then converting those calls to navigational XML commands to the QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts Accounting DBMS and returning record sets that qualify for the query results. This driver is not a Client/Server product, but rather communicates directly with the QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts application as it runs. QuickBooks is a flat file database, and this driver will not change it into a relational database, so keep that in mind when developing with this driver. QODBC acts as a 'wrapper' around the Intuit SDK so customers can finally get at their QuickBooks data using standard database tools; speeding development time.

What can I do with QODBC?

QODBC opens up the Reckon Accounts or QuickBooks Accounting files created by thousands of custom programs to the new world of database connectivity. In the same way that Windows has created an environment where all applications have a similar look and feel, ODBC drivers make all database formats look the same.

  • A user in Microsoft Office can use Excel to pull company accounting or invoice information directly into a spreadsheet and create a chart.
  • Microsoft Word can do a customer mail merge directly from QuickBooks Accounting files.
  • Crystal Pro Report writer can create multi-file reports from QuickBooks Accounting data.
  • Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge QuickBooks Accounting data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to run mass file updates based on multiple criteria.

Best of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors. QuickBooks Accounting developers now can offer this driver to their customers to allow them direct access to their important data.

Free Evaluation Version
We also offer a FREE QODBC Read-Write trial copy of the software limited to 30 days of use. The evaluation version of QODBC is limited to 30 days of use and 20 write operations to Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks per session, otherwise fully functional including server mode.

System Requirements
Minimum CPU required: Pentium II processor 450 MHz or better
Minimum memory required: 64 MB
Minimum hard disk space required: 15 MB
Operating system version: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/NT 4.0/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10